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Eva Mendes Chats Cosmetics With Redbook April 2015

It’s always interesting to hear how our favorite stars gear up for the day, and Eva Mendes shared some of her primping tips in her April 2015 feature for Redbook magazine.

The “Other Guys” gal explained, “To draw attention to my eyes, I never line the outer corners, I keep them open. Another trick is, if you have a longer face like I do, when applying blush, blend it horizontally across your face [from cheek to cheek] so there’s a little on your nose, too.”

Ms. Mendes also takes great care of her skin- “I’m on the coconut oil bandwagon, so I use it more on my hair. It’s my moisturizer for my hands, body, even my face – though for day, I prefer Estee Lauder Hydrationist Moisture Crème. It’s thick and wears well under makeup.”

And even though she’s a new mom, Eva doesn’t skimp on her makeup regimen- “I pride myself on a fast routine. I start with tinted moisturizer, then I dab on a bright pink cheek stain, which makes my skin come alive. And I always need concealer, because no matter what, I have dark circles. I made peace with that a long time ago.”

Original source : http://www.celebrity-gossip.net/eva-mendes/eva-mendes-chats-cosmetics-redbook-april-2015-1234069

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